The birth

The Fondazione Sandretto Re Rebaudengo per l’Arte was established in Turin on April 6th 1995, and received official recognition from the Piedmont Region on 2nd May 1995, with protocol n° 110-45469 prot. 1689.

Its aims

The Fondazione aims to provide a focus for new generations of artists, critics and curators. It operates in the world of art in as wide-ranging a manner as possible to supply a showcase for research and work being produced by the most interesting of the avant-garde movements, and to enable an ever wider public to learn about the changes and trends in contemporary art.

The Fondazione concentrates its attention and energies to all visual arts from painting to sculpture, photography, video, installation and performances. It organises exhibitions, congresses, seminars, study activities, workshops for children, publications and prizes. It has set up collaborations with other cultural centres from Italy and abroad and with public institutions in Piedmont.